A couple of core concepts we have experienced as helpful and pragmatic as they effectively support our clients in achieving their objectives.

  • Component maps are based on a model where each component is structured in two dimensions. This model reduces complexity of business and IT themes and enables discussion and prioritization. We have developed 5 maps and successfully used in various projects.
  • KEY-9® provides a structured approach to analyze and visualize project management in organizations. We use this information for developing a "project-friendly environment" which provides the pre-requisites for an effective implementation of key projects.
  • Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) is a result oriented project management approach which we have utilized for a long time. GDPM fascinates us and our clients through its simplicity and usefulness. GDPM is compatible with almost all delivery models, easy to implement and anchors a common understanding of the mission in the project team.
  • Behavioral Change Management as a commonly accepted concept has been developed to help organizations to successfully perform organizational changes. To support this process we can apply a set of proven techniques such as change readiness assessment, coaching or reference groups. Our Behavioral Transformation Map gives a comprehensive overview on various components which support a change.
  • Systems Thinking is a concept which makes cross links and complexity of our world visible. "Nothing is isolated - everything influences and is being influenced" is an important background for our daily work. On one hand, when planning interventions we have to prepare also for surprising effects - on the other hand, it means also that influencing a small subsystem lead to changes in the whole.