Below you find a selection of our clients and projects. For more detailed informaton please contact us.

SAK(2016-2017) Tendering and Requirement Specifications for new ERP System

"november ag has actively supported us in the evaluation of a new "ERP" system and has guided us through the market scan, the Request for Information (RfI) and through the Request for Proposal (RfP). In addition, they coached us for system testing. During the subsequent compilation of requirements, the consultants have developed a suitable structure, have supported our staff in the content they had to deliver and have written parts of the requirements themselves. In the pleasant cooperation I have particularly appreciated the experience, the openness and the proactive approach."
Franz A. Saladin, Director Chamber of Commerce of Both Basel

Mindustrie(2017) Transformation Program „ONE“ of M-Industry

„november ag actively contributed to the initialisation and design phases of M-Industry transformation program “ONE”. The project aims to harmonise the processes of M-Industry at over 20 production facilities and to transfer the eleven existing SAP systems into one single system.
To achieve this goal, november ag took on the following important tasks and executed them successfully, on time and within budget:

  • Support and implementation of the entire bidding and partner selection process (Request for Information & Request for Proposal) for the SAP implementation partner as well as support in contract negotiation and preparation 
  • Implementation of the completely agile procedure in the sub-project “Purchasing-Procurement” and coaching of the responsible team
  • Set-up of the PMO (Program Management Office) including definition of the most important services for project implementation
  • Facilitation of the project planning for the design phase (overall project and 12 sub-projects)

The collaboration, experience and professionalism of the team at november ag were greatly appreciated by both the ONE project managers and the team members. Migros was very pleased with the services of november ag and would be happy to recommend this consulting firm for similar projects.“
Stefan Bürgi, Program Manager « ONE » &
Thomas Ackermann, Leiter IT Industrie und Logistik bei Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund 

SAK(2017) „Digital Transformation“ in the energy industry

„november ag supported the "Digital Transformation" successfully by collecting data from multiple systems and combining them in a scalable reporting system with visualization. The SAK and EP AG could substantially improve their reporting and planning quality based on a massively extended data model and a high performance analytical tool. The project is being rolled out to additional business units. We highly recommend the team of november ag."
Dr. OEC. HSG Jens Güssow - Leiter Energiewirtschaft

(2016-2017) Delivery Management of an integrated custom software solution for the operational core business of FIFA

„november ag provided the expertise to manage the insourcing and the alignment of agile practices across a number of external suppliers. Thus november ag had a key role in managing the successful delivery of critical capabilities for the Confederations Cup in 2017.“
Christian Rüedi, Groupleader ICT Applications, Fédération Internationale de Football Association
[service providers are not allowed to use the FIFA logo]

BACHEM(2015-2016) Project Management Software Validation of new ERP System (CSV - Computerized Systems Validation)

"The november ag consultant set up the sub-project with a CSV specialist and managed the validation in the blueprint phase. In addition to the actual validation activities, CSV awareness in the company was also sharpened and QA was supported regarding GMP compliance of the processes. Particularly positive to be remembered are the implementation of the Supplier Assessment of the IT Infrastructure Cloud Provider, the time-consuming and successful negotiations until the signing of a Quality Agreement with the ERP provider as well as the persistence in clarifying the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (e-signature)."
Günther Loidl, Chief Technology Officer, Bachem Holding AG

HWZ(2009-2016) Module "Project Portfolio Management and Optimization of Project Management" in MAS Project Management at HWZ University of Applied Science in Business Administration Zurich

"The lecturer from november ag teaches a rather abstract topic in which many of the students do not have practical experience and are initially skeptical about it. Since the module is set up well in terms of didactics, is made challenging for the students, is being taught in a practical way, and the lecturer addresses students' concerns, the initial skepticism gives way to a good understanding during the course of the module and can turn into enthusiasm for the topic. Students have repeatedly evaluated the module as best of the semester or as one of the best in the entire MAS."
Gabriella Signer, Head of Master Degree Course MAS Project Management, HWZ

SAK(2016) Development of an extended analysis and reporting tool for energy management

„The new solution aims at increasing transparency and traceability of our extensive business activities using augmented data.november ag plays a key role in the successful implementation supporting us with a high level of competence and experience."
Dr. OEC. HSG Jens Güssow - Leiter Energiewirtschaft

Zuehlke(2015/2016) New Markets
"The collaboration with november AG was and is goal-oriented from the very beginning, pragmatic and straightforward. We are happy to rely in the future on the consultants of november and recommend them at any time."
Zühlke Engineering AG
Stefan Sarbach, Director Business Development

Unilabs(2015) Interim Management Operations CH-D
„The november ag consultant successfully directed and managed our operations in the German speaking part of Switzerland during the last 2 years. Key success factors were his long year experiences in line and project management, his structured approach, his flair to lead people and his capability to keep calm even during hectic and challenging times. I highly recommend him to any operations organization that needs a strong and effective interim manager”
Michiel Boehmer, COO Unilabs Management & Services SA

Zuehlke(2014) New Markets
"The consultants of november ag work competently and pragmatic. That's why we engage them again and again. They complement our own skills and resources. Currently november ag supports us to establish business in a new market. Within a few months Zühlke got access to key decision makers and was able to submit first promising offers"
Zühlke Engineering AG
Stefan Sarbach, Director Business Development

CERN(2014) Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) Training

november ag, co-founding member of the GDPM Alliance, has been selected by CERN Laboratory in Geneva as training provider for GDPM. CERN is using GDPM since more than 10 years. A first training on GDPM has been run successfully for CERN in November 2014. [logo image provided by CERN]

Unilabs(2014) Project and Interim Management Operations Eastern Switzerland
„The november ag consultant successfully established and stabilized our new core laboratory in Dübendorf during an eighteen months assignment. Key success factors were his long year experience in line and project management, his structured approach and his capability to keep calm even during hectic and challenging times. Unilabs is happy to continue its collaboration with november ag also in 2015”
Jos Lamers, CEO Unilabs Management & Services SA

(2014) Quality Assurance Audit of a large program developing integrated custom software for the core business of FIFA

„The collaboration with november ag was goal-oriented and uncomplicated from the start. november ag is auditing from different points of view, highlights achievements and uncovers misunderstandings and conflicts. We gained valuable insights for our project which we are going to implement in due time.“
Daniel Kieser, Program Owner and Information Systems Architect, Fédération Internationale de Football Association
[service providers are not allowed to use the FIFA logo]

Novartis(2013, 2014) Qualification of the global IT Asset Management System as well as definition and implementation of core Asset Management Processes for Novartis research division (NIBR)

november ag set-up the project, managed the delivery and successfully closed the project.

ZID Basel-Stadt(2013) Planning and implementation of a centralized procurement and desktop service for the Canton Basel-Stadt

november ag set-up the project, managed the service development, tested the service in IT- and business pilots and handed it over for roll-out.

Schenker DB(2013) Planning and set-up of European HR workforce administration project for DB Schenker Rail

The november ag ag consultant successfully supported us in planning our future HR workforce administration solution (processes, architecture, support model, rollout approach and cost benefits analysis) and ensured the alignment with the suppliers and DB Schenker Rail boards. The broad and comprehensive expertise and experiences were a key success factor
Karlheinz Keim, Strategic Personnel Planning, Steering, Controlling, DB Schenker Rail

Schenker DB(2012, 2013) New set-up of global HR workforce administration initiative for DB Schenker Logistics

The november ag consultants successfully supported us in managing to frame the overall HR workforce administration solution (processes, architecture, support model and rollout approach) and ensured a comprehensive structure to support our initiative with a lean but effective PMO and detailed and consistent time and cost planning.
Dr. Sylvia Bröning, Global Head HR Systems & Controlling, DB Schenker Logistics

Novartis(2012, 2013) Global Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 for Novartis research division (NIBR)

november ag did set up the project, managed the global migration and has successfully completed the assignment.

BUSS AG(2012) Goal Directed Project Management GDPM as standard for project delivery

november ag as an experienced partner has effectively supported us in developing and implementing a pragmatic project management method for our product related projects."
Dr. Andreas Kunzmann, CEO Buss AG

Novartis(2010, 2011) Development of a new global qualified Desktop Infrastructure for 120'000 Novartis users

november ag did set up the program, managed it over two years and successfully delivered a new qualified Windows 7 based client infrastructure.

Actelion(2010, 2011, 2012) IT and Project Management for Actelion’s Global IT Services

„With their vast expertise and experiences in IT and Project Management the november ag team enabled us to significantly move forward the execution of our IT Strategy, to implement our new IT Portfolio Management and to reshape Actelion’s Procurement Organization.”
Bernard Hirth, Head Global IT Services, Actelion Ltd.

FHNW(2011, 2012, 2013) Guest lectures in "Goal Directed Project Management GDPM" as part of the "Project Management" course, tri-national Bachelor programme in "International Business Management" at the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

By delivering the topic on GDPM november ag provides a good overview of this concrete project management method to our students as well as hands-on insight from project management professionals. Students especially appreciated the interactive style as well as the real-world examples
Prof. Dr. Michael Puelz, Dean of International Business Management

Schenker DB(2010) Definition, Set-up and Interim Management of the global Program Logistics IT Solution Strategy for DB Schenker Logistics

With their pragmatic and target-oriented approach november ag has turned our Logistics IT Solution Strategy into action. The comprehensive global stakeholder involvement, a lean but effective PMO and the professional experiences of november ag consultants were key success factors.
Peter Schumann, CIO and Member of the Board, Schenker AG

Satisloh(2009) Implementation of GDPM as project planning approach of choice
Introduction to GDPM, facilitation of planning sessions for three key projects, coaching of project managers during detailed planning.

UBit(2009-2011) Feasibility study, development of a file-plan and implementation of Fabasoft

The pragmatic and professional support of november ag in the area of organization/processes and in the development of an appropriate project approach was an essential success factor in introducing new ways of working for records management in the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET).
Joerg Grabinski, UBit Schweiz AG, contracting body for november ag

ZKB(2009) Redesign of the IT Governance
Consulting and support for the base design, bring-in of expertise.