our services - program- and project management

Strategic programs and projects bring a significant change to organizations and require support and energy from upper management level and skilled and experienced individuals to create the required momentum.

Our services are:

  • Assessment and Health Check of programs and projects to identify weaknesses and appropriate counter measures
  • Set-up of new programs and projects using interactive workshops and active involvement of key stakeholders
  • Create a "project-friendly environment" that takes elements such as culture, people, processes and strategy alignment adequately into account
  • Manage programs or projects on behalf of the client or support the client’s project organization in the areas of methods, PMO, communication or quality management
  • Support change management in areas such as analyzing change readiness, setting-up specific change actions, creating a positive mood and appropriately dealing with resistance

Typical cases for november’s services:

  • Large and critical IT Infrastructure & IT Management programs
  • Merger & Acquisition programs as well as during Spin-offs
  • Missing clarity in what situation a program or project is and what the appropriate measures are
  • During start-up and set-up of programs and projects to generate a common understanding, a first goal oriented master plan and a sound definition of roles & responsibilities

Your benefits of using our services are:

  • Independent and experienced consultants who have successfully set-up and delivered many complex projects → This ensures «best practice» and short ramp-up
  • Use of pragmatic approaches and concepts in order to simplify and concentrate on the essentials → Result oriented and gain momentum
  • All important elements of our service are supported by well proven in-house trainings → Ensures short ramp-up and good adoption